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Disneyland? No Thanks, I’m Going to Environmentaland!

I bet the Griswolds are already packed and ready to go.

Disneyland? No Thanks, I’m Going to Environmentaland!

environmentalandI bet the Griswolds are already packed and ready to go.

Environmentaland, the self-proclaimed first eco themed park, opened its doors this month in Hollywood. Said to offer entertainment for adults, kids, students, artists, and pets (organic taste tests for your pups), Environmentaland consists of an energy playground (ride a see-saw to generate electricity), recycled paper plane takeoff, mini-bin exhibit and design station, alternative energy golf carts, a planetarium, and desert mini golf.

Oh, and Portal Potties. Yes, Environmentaland has a collection of three re-designed porta potties that represent portals to decades of music and entertainment history. It’s creative, fun, and carries a simple lesson that so many seem to forget: Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Los Angeles isn’t exactly lacking when it comes to strange attractions. Between wax museums, silly museums, and weird museums, is there room for an environmentally themed park/museum/destination? Hard to say, but everyone loves free attractions, and if you travel to Environmentaland by way of public transportation, admission to the theme park is waived.

Admittedly, the “theme-park” title seems a little questionable–it’s more like a museum inside a mall–but Environmentaland is the brainchild of Global Inheritance, a non-profit that works to engage young people in bringing social and environmental change to their communities. The organization has been pretty successful in rallying the youth troops: Last year, Global Inheritance worked with Amtrak to organize a free shuttle to Coachella Music Festival to help reduce the event’s carbon footprint.

In addition to its permanent attractions (admission is free to all students and anyone who takes the subway or bus), Environmentaland will host special events, including film screenings, art shows, recycling drives, and design contests, such as Butthugger Fashion Week: designers put on a fashion show and compete against one another using only donated and recycled clothing.

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