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Are you trying to entertain, simply blast facts or engage your audience? How to convey a message is critical in the digital age, where news is no longer a commodity and perspective and presentation is everything. Depending on your message, there are numerous ways to communicate it. Through multi-media, experts, content aggregators and many more online tools, web sites can convey a relevant and targeted message to their audience. In this week’s top five, we will explore the many web content strategies to effectively communicate with online users.

1. Synthesize the Story

Getting the scoop is essential in breaking, or as industry professionals call it, hard news. The scoop is why journalists adopted the inverted pyramid (i.e. most important things first). Though CNN doesn’t call it the scoop, their story highlights give readers a snapshot of key facts. In today’s 24-hour news cycles, the take-aways are often all readers need to know. CNN’s highlights section takes center stage, next to the headline. If readers so choose, they can look below the headline to find out the details. CNN master’s the scoop and the understands the importance of reader’s time.

2. Dig Further

While the internet connects us with constantly churning news sites, it also can connect us with related stories so we can dig deeper. We have discussed how the internet allows users to find more and more relevant information. Google does a terrific job of aggregating similar news stories from a search engine perspective. Google news wraps all relevant news sources together and allows the user to choose which most suites their personal taste. From a one-platform perspective, the Daily Beast features a single topic with many stories surrounding it, called The Big Fat Story. They blend The Daily Beast content on the topic with Associated Press stories in both text and video formats. Google News and The Daily Beast exemplify the dig further content strategy.

3. Gain Insight Debates. It’s about who is the most persuasive—armed with the best and mot relevant information. A healthy debate shows different perspectives with the strongest, most insightful arguments to support them. The Economist does a fantastic job of...

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