Is There a Secret SEO Society?


No, probably not. SEO’s  (search engine optimizers) believe or not, enjoy sharing their tips and tricks with the world to become…well, gurus in their field. So I guess the secret would get out quickly. But, wouldn’t it be interesting if there were some underground organization for us search engine geeks?


I just finished watching Angels and Demons and the idea of a secret society called the Illuminati intrigued me. I have to admit however that other secret societies such as the Skulls and Bones society does not so much as I understand our former president was a member, not so impressed.


We are however all too familiar with these secret societies…Skull and Bones, Freemasons, and The Illuminati but what makes them interesting isn’t that they are “secret”, it is that we want  to  be part of them, or at least I do. Belonging is something  we humans desire even if what we belong to isn’t necessarily known. So, I guess in a sense I’d love to be part of a secret SEO society. Something called the The Algorithmics – no, that sounds like an 80’s band. How about The Visibilati. Yeah, I like it and we’ll have a symbol, maybe a magnifying glass the crosses with a computer mouse and our constitution could be Google’s PageRank algorithm.


I’m not sure how to get this off the ground so I guess I’ll just send out my invite. Attention all SEO’s: If you’d like to join me in starting a secret SEO society please let me know.


Now let’s hope the secret doesn’t get out.