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Business Cards Fashioned Out of Laser Cut Leaves Make a Big Impression

business card leaf

Looking for a high-impact way to show off your company's environmental commitment? Consider business cards etched onto laser cut leaves.

Brazilian Design firm Tatil Design came up with the idea as a way to show how design can be used as a tool to make a product with a high sensorial impact but low environmental impact. Tatil cooked up the leaves—dubbed "Nature Medium"— for the 55th Cannes Advertising Festival to promote their "Designing Naturally" workshop. Designers at the firm created the business cards by taking fallen leaves and laser cutting them with designs that showed off the workshop's intent—i.e. dancers, burgers, soup cans, and animals. The leaves were such a hit that the company won the Bronze Award for the 2009 International Design Excellence Awards in Eco Design.

business card leaf

Tatil doesn't sell the laser-cut leaves, but enterprising business owners who don't mind spending lots of cash on business cards that quickly fall apart could copy the idea. It's virtually guaranteed to make an impression.

[Via Inquisitr]

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