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China Mobile Kickstarts Smartbook Revolution With an Android Machine

So we've heard that the smartbook, a kind of smartphone-netbook hybrid, is on its way, and with such a promising feature set that they'll sell well. And now there's evidence showing that China Mobile is way ahead of the the rest of the world on this.


Pictured here is a 7-inch smartbook-like device, apparently on its way to the Chinese cell-phone operator sometime soon. We don't know exactly what processor it'll have ticking away inside, nor do we know its true technical specs.

But we do know it'll run on China's unique TD-SCDMA 3G system, and run a version of Google's Android OS that's been worked up into China's oPhone system—an enterprise that apparently Dell, Lenovo, Motorola, and Samsung are partnering in. And we also see that it'll do full Web-browsing, email, SMS and will have good multimedia powers—exactly as you'd hope for a device with such a large screen. It's a cell phone too, although I suspect it's something you'd need to use with a headset due to its bulk.

Over at Pocketables, they're speculating that this device might not make it out of China thanks to that SCDMA compatibility. But if Apple can wave its magic wand and transform the GSM iPhone into a GSM/CDMA hybrid device for China Unicorn, then there's no reason some chip jiggerypokery couldn't turn this smartbook into a GSM device too.

What's the excitement about this odd little gizmo then? Because, along with the upcoming CrunchPad—now apparently due to cost $400 in November, and also coming with 3G capabilities—and the long-heralded Apple Tablet, this may well be how you experience much of your mobile computing time in the near future. As we get more and more used to always-on connectivity, and the benefits of larger touchscreens are becoming obvious, the smartbook (or tablet/slate PC) is just going to fit the bill perfectly.


[via Pocketables]

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