Fast History: Barack Obama Accepts the Democratic Nomination For President, 2008

It’s been a tough first year for the bringer of hope and change. Though only in office for seven months, Obama’s been shouldering the hopes of a nation from the moment he entered the presidential race. But after passing a controversial stimulus package, the economy is still a shambles; unemployment is up, markets are cautious, and the deficit is not looking any better than before. Worse, his critics have been relentless, accusing him of race baiting, generational theft, socialism and even throwing like a girl. But you have to cut the guy some slack. He has brought hope to people the world over, even if they’re still waiting on the change. And besides, though his pitching motion may be a bit rusty, the man can drain a three pointer with the best of ‘em.

August 28
Barack Obama Accepts the Democratic Nomination for President, 2008

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