Eye-Fi’s Geo Card Makes Photos Location-Aware

Eye-Fi’s wireless SD cards already simplify the task of sending pics from a digital camera to your hard drive, and now it’s got a version that also auto-geotags the photos–and it’s especially aimed at Mac users.

Eye-Fi's wireless SD card

That’s thanks to iPhoto ’09’s “Places” function, which automatically sifts your photos in a location-aware interface by looking at geotag data embedded in their EXIF data. It works sweetly for the iPhone, which does all that data handling behind the scenes, but a geo-tagging ability isn’t that commonplace on cameras yet.

Which is were Eye-fi uses a bit of cleverness. Instead of a complex, battery-sapping GPS unit, it uses Skyhook’s Wi-fi tower A-GPS powers. Of course it will still steal some of your camera’s battery life to do its location-sensing magic. But the ability to automatically identify photos by their location is undoubtedly a boon in an era where we all snap hundreds of digital pics and save them, without necessarily bothering to ever sort them out into folders. Because, let’s be honest, when’s the last time you devoted hours to sifting through your photo archive?

The card’s out now, for a relatively cheap $60, and unlike other Eye-fi products, you don’t need to pony up a regular fee to enable its geo-tag powers–it’s $10 a year if you want to use Eye-fi’s servers to automatically upload the photos to an online photosite like Flickr.

[via Electronista]

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