The Top 9 Green-Powered Companies


Wondering if that beer on your counter was made with renewable energy? The Environmental Protection Agency might be able to tell you. That’s because the agency just released its list of the top 20 organizations running on “green power”, or energy from solar, wind, and biogas sources.


Many of the top purchasers of on-site renewable energy are cities, but we’ve weeded out the non-corporate entities in the list below. Take the rankings with a grain of salt; Kimberly-Clark is ranked first, and as we’ve pointed out before, the company’s fiber-gathering practices are not exactly kosher. At the same time, the lower-ranked Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has other green initiatives going for it. Regardless, it’s encouraging to see so many big names embracing renewable energy.

1. Kimberly-Clark Corporation, 192,730,000 kWh of green power produced annually

2. CalPortland, 50,000,000 kWh

3. BMW Manufacturing Co./Greer, SC Facilities, 27,831,000 kWh

4. Kohl’s Department Stores, 19,126,000 kWh

5. Wal-Mart Stores/California and Texas Facilities, 17,000,000 kWh

6. Johnson & Johnson, 11,626,910 kWh

7. Macy’s Inc./California and Hawaii Stores, 10,400,000 kWh

8. Safeway Inc., 4,500,000 kWh

9. Sierra Nevada Brewing Companies, 4,203,840 kWh


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