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Super-Charge Your Twittering With FollowFormation

This morning we reported that nearly 70% of adult Americans are clueless about Twitter. Here's one new tool that can help them out.


FollowFormation is a free service launched last week by an 18-year-old entrepreneur named Brian Wong. Brian zipped his way through an undergrad business degree and promptly created a service that he says will help users find and follow top users according to their interests. "For new users, finding who to follow can be intimidating," he says. In the first few days of service, FollowFormation initiated about 25,000 follows, and the number is rising.

Here's how it works: punch in your interests and your Twitter account, and FollowFormation automatically adds a selection of people to follow (you get to pick how many) to your Twitter account. It's a two step process that couldn't be simpler for Twitter noobs.


What's more interesting than the mission is Wong's plan for monetization. He plans to auction off spots on a "suggested" list starting this week, and will give some suggested spots to good causes pro bono. Back in March, he points out, tech blogger Jason Calacanis made an open offer to Twitter to make him an official suggested follow for $250,000. That's part of Wong's big idea, but not the whole. "We wouldn't mind Jason grabbing a spot for 250k," he says, "but we're also targeting legitimate businesses and individuals who have a genuine cause and need for the additional exposure and awareness." He also said he will control the auction and won't be afraid to reject listers if they're not consistent with the "nature" of the list.

Give it a shot, and let us know what you think below.