iPhone Users: Get Google Voice Back!

This morning, the tech world watched in disgust as Apple rejected Google’s new iPhone Voice application from the iTunes App Store, and subsequently pulled all third-party dialer apps that allowed users to make Google Voice calls from their Apple devices. While AT&T users fume–is it possible for them to hate Ma Bell more? There is still hope of getting Google Voice working on your iPhone again, it’s just going to take a little messin’ with.


There is no trace of any Google Voice-related app left in the app store, but those of us with Voice apps already on our phones have found that they still work. That means that Apple won’t go into your phone and disable your Voice app, ala Amazon. Now the question is: how to get one on there after the ban.

There aren’t a lot of leads, but after some incessant digging, I was able to find this: a link to a torrent file of VoiceCentral, one of the best iPhone and iPod apps for Google Voice. (Read about it here.) (If that download host doesn’t work, there are others.)

Voice Central icons

Download the torrent, unzip it, and you’ll see this window: double click the .zip file, and you’ll find an iTunes file; double-click that, and sure enough, VoiceCentral appears in your apps catalog in iTunes. Note the bright orange monkey-fur in my desktop picture above. I think it’s some kind of rhesus monkey.


There it is!


Now the disappointing part: when you try to sync, it gives you an error (even with WiFi off–it’s not phoning home). But it’s only a matter of time before a more proficient hacker than myself finds a workaround: all the ingredients are there. Any coders out there want to knock this one out of the park?


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