Young Mark Zuckerberg on Film: “We Ran The Site Originally for $85 a Month”

The documentary Our Time at first sounds like a standard 20-something road trip movie. But it will challenge your stereotypes about Millennials in the end, and includes some excellent interviews–like this one, with a fresh-faced Mark Zuckerberg in 2005:

The four friends who made this movie crossed the country interviewing a number of passionate and dedicated people to try and figure out what makes their generation tick. “In some sense, kids our age aren’t satisfied easily because there is so much access to information and pop culture,” says Matt Heineman, who created the film along with Matt Wiggins, Adam White, and Ben Grinnell. “We aren’t satisfied with settling into a job, so I think we spend our 20s searching for what we want to do and who we want to be rather than just jumping into a job and 40 years later looking back on our life.”

Our Time is on the film festival circuit right now, and Heineman is looking for a distributor. Watch the trailer here.

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