How to Add Custom Apps to Your Palm Pre

The Pre has been getting plenty of attention for its Apple-spoofing iTunes trick, but what’s more material to the device is its selection of apps. Now there are two pieces of software that let you download custom apps to your Pre from your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC quickly and easily–iTunes and hacking be damned.

Pre homebrew install

The first is called WebOS QuickInstall, which was built by the folks at PreCentral. It allows you to fire up your Pre in developer mode (for which you need the free SDK) and drag and drop any apps from that site’s homebrew collection onto your Pre. If you’d like the convenience of downloading straight from your phone, check out fileCoaster, which lets you do just that without messing with any command-line root access.

For details, check out PreCentral. (Image courtesy of that site.)

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