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Need to Track Your Body Fat? There's an iPhone App For That

First there was an iPhone app to track your happiness, and now there's one to let you carry the stats on your exact level of flabbiness everywhere you go—a misery tracker, perhaps. It's all thanks to a wi-fi-connected weighing scale, of all things.

Withings Connected scale

The Withings Connected Scale is one of the ultra-modern kind that not only weighs you, with digital precision, but it also sends tiny experimental electrical charges roaming about the soles of your feet to measure your exact fat levels. So far, so good: it's just a modern set of scales, far removed from the huge red pay-to-measure scales you used to find on the streets of yesteryear, with their giant dial-faces.

But it's not any old modern scale—because a Wi-fi chip embedded in the device lets it connect up via your home network, and uplink your recent stats to the company's Web site. Here you get a dedicated portal to view all your previous measurements, complete with accompanying graphs.

And there's more: an iPhone app syncs up with your online weight portal, and lets you know exactly how heavy you are wherever you happen to be, and how you weighed previously. It too has those little graphs, pictorially demonstrating how far over your target weight your lumpy body is—the catastrophe curves of shame.

I jest—the whole idea is actually rather interesting. Effecting a big change in your fat levels is a tricky task, one that's definitely aided by thinking about it the right way, and making big changes in your lifestyle. A smart scale like this would definitely let you keep a more accurate track on how your weight's varying, and the accompanying iPhone app would remind you to think about your diet and exercise levels more of the time.

[via OhGizmo]

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