• 07.27.09

Melbourne Re-brands Itself With a $200,000 Logo–Will It Work?

Landor, the branding giant, takes aim at the city’s brand–reflecting its ambitions to play on a larger stage.

city of melbourne

The biggest cities don’t need brands–New York, London and Paris all have their own. But you’d probably be hard pressed to recall them; the names alone are richly evocative by themselves. They’re bigger than any post-hoc logo could ever be.


But consider Melbourne: Even if it’s locally known to be cosmopolitan and livable, and even if city planners are boldly reinventing their city, through architecture, it’s still overshadowed by Sydney (at best). So the city decided to rebrand itself, to announce its ambitions to play on a bigger stage. Total cost: Just under US$200,000.

The identity, designed by branding giant Landor, was meant to express the vibrancy and diversity of a world city, and it coincides with the city’s new four-year development plan:

city of melbourne
city of melbourne

At the very least, it was a much needed overhaul. As the official press release points out, the old leaf logo didn’t stand for much, and when it was introduced, Victoria Beckham was still Posh Spice.

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