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Every day we’re sending unspoken "press releases" telling people where we’re at, who we are, how we feel about them, and how we feel about life. Ever stop to think about your "press release"? If not, now would be a GREAT time.


I came upon this idea recently when a man said to me, "You’re really cool and I’d like to date you, but wow—are you busy!" I thought to myself "Huh? I’m holding 3 nights open per week—how do I come across as soooooo busy?" Then I started to think about it, and to think about the feedback I get from my team members, friends, family and lo and behold: I’d been sending out a "press release" about how busy I was for years. Yes, YEARS.


What happens when you send out a message repeatedly? People start to believe it. People might avoid contacting you or offering opportunities because they don’t want to be rejected, shunned, or simply ignored – or to impose on you. Here are some of the "press releases" I’ve recently received from people:


"I’m totally overwhelmed! I can’t handle my [business, life, kids, etc]!", "I’m hot and you’re not worthy", "I care—really—sort of"


Here’s a fun adventure for the week: Listen to the unspoken messages people are broadcasting to you. This will raise your awareness of the unspoken messages you are broadcasting to others. It’s fascinating. As the Tibetans say, "Recognition is liberation." Once you recognize your "press release," you can choose to change it… then the fun REALLY begins!


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Christine Comaford

Business Accelerator

Mighty Ventures

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