Texas to Host Biggest U.S. Offshore Wind Farm, but T. Boone Pickens Isn’t Involved


Move over T. Boone Pickens, your grand Texas wind farm dreams have been overtaken by energy start-up Baryonyx, which has won bids for three land leases–two offshore, and one in the Texas Panhandle–to build data centers in Texas powered by massive wind farms. When complete, Baryonyx claims that the coastal projects, set to be built on sites that are each over 19,000 acres, will be the biggest offshore wind farms in the country.

The offshore farms will each produce at least 750 megawatts of power and use turbines that produce up to five megawatts each. In addition to powering its data centers, Baronyx plans to give excess electricity to the Texas General Land Office, which will then sell off the power to cities, schools, and prisons. All money from the sales will go into the Texas Permanent School Fund–a fund that generates cash for state public schools. Over the course of its 30-year lease, Baryonyx is expected to provide at least $338 million to the fund.

Baryonyx doesn’t know how any turbines it will install, but the company estimates that construction will begin in two to three years. Don’t hold your breath. The whole reason T. Boone Pickens scrapped his wind plan was because of a lack of a transmission line infrastructure to, you know, actually take the wind power from the turbines to useful locations. That infrastructure still isn’t in place, and Baryonyx will likely run into the same problem. Unless, of course, Baryonyx plans to construct transmission lines in tandem with its turbines–a prospect that would cost the company many more millions of dollars.

[Via CNET]

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