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'Continue Clock' and More Furniture That Will Make You Go Huh?

Dutch designer Sander Mulder's clock re-inventions have already amazed us, and now YDN DesignGuide has him on video talking about his latest works. They're all explorations of archetypes, which explains why his Continue Time turns the traditional three-handed clock inside out, and why his Voroni flower pot—traditionally a very subtle piece of furniture—looks like a scale model for an aggressively ultra-modern metal skyscraper.

The fave among the pieces has to be the Pandora cabinet, which is made of miniature metal boxes that replicate the look of the giant shipping containers that drive global commerce.

Sander Mulder

Not sure about the Crow minimalist self-supporting table trestles though. I'm certain they're entirely structurally sound, but plopping my $1,000 laptop on the top of a glass sheet balanced on those whacky, spindly legs would fill me with trepidation about its collapsibility. But maybe that's just me reacting to the stereotype I have of what a desk should be like.

Sander Mulder

[via YDN DesignGuide]

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