Problems + Pain = Profit (Pay Attention to Spot Opportunities!)

The world is one imperfect place. That’s the good news. Every day new messes are created that require someone to come in and clean them up. Opportunities are all around you: pay attention! Learn to listen to someone who’s in “business pain.” Make sure that you diagnose that pain first: perhaps the competition is crushing them, or markets haven’t materialized, or their inefficient systems are stifling innovation. Then be confident that the pain is perceived as a problem that needs a solution. Problems + pain = profit. The second step is key! Only then will they open their wallets to get that pain removed.

What are the vital steps to make this process work for you? 

1.      Pay attention.Be on the lookout for opportunities. Make it a goal to be focused on seeing opportunities all around you. Then when one shows up, act on it.

2.      Stuff your feelings of fear or inadequacy. Use whatever mind games you need to make yourself confident. Build a mental suit of armor against criticism or against old messages about you worth. Whatever you have to do, just decide that roadblocks and detours are NOT an option right now.

3.      Go for it.When an opportunity pops into your lap, grab it. It doesn’t matter if you’re ready or not; you’ll figure it out in time. You may get rejected; you may be wildly successful. You won’t know unless you risk it.

Christine Comaford, Business Accelerator
CEO of Mighty Ventures, Inc.
NY Times Best Selling Author