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To stay ahead of the curve, we developed key cultural and business mainstream trends in early February of this year. We found the freshest, promising startups like MealBaby and NowPlayIt to exotic companies like Shark Diver and Tripwolf, while orienting ourselves with the recessionary market. To see how we fared, below is our mainstream trend report card.

Seismic Shift

An earthquake has shaken our social foundation—shifting the power of the chosen few and giving opportunity to the many.

We discussed information aggregators like Digg and Reddit as a competitor of traditional news sites like NYTimes. Since we published this trend in February, according to, we’ve been spot-on. Digg’s unique users increased from 33.4 to 40 million and Reddit’s numbers also rose from 4.9 to 6 million, whereas NYTimes readers fell from 16 to 15.5 million. Though the NY Times numbers have only marginally decreased, we feel with the rise in alternative news sites will continue—leading to a decrease in online traffic for traditional news platforms.

Grade: A

Bite-Size Indulgence

In an era where over indulgence is a no-no, we look to bite-size pleasures to satisfy our cravings for that much-needed getaway.

Convenience and quality: that’s the award-winning combination we predicted with this trend. To illustrate bite-size quality, take example from coffee icon, Starbucks. They’re expanded their menu to include small sandwiches, coffee cake, oatmeal and other treats, while taking aim at new markets in Europe. Starbucks does bite-size to go with their introduction of the drive-thru. Convenient snacks in general are on the rise. Sales of healthy and savory snacks are estimated to increase 16%, according to Brandweek. Though we aim to cut costs, there is still that one bite-size allowance that gets us through the day.

Grade: A

Personal Symmetry

A healthy balance between mind, body and soul keep us energized, refreshed and ready to face everyday challenges.

As America looks in the mirror, they’re finding an unappealing reflection. With obesity on the rise, Americans are looking for a healthy alternative to shed those extra pounds. We forecasted not only would "lite" or "low-cal" increase in...

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