Social Media & CSR: The Top 10 Sites for Creating Conversation

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Green, Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Volunteering. Get into the conversation – It starts here.

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, Green, Corporate Citizenship,
Corporate Volunteering. Get into the conversation – It starts here.


I have to admit, I’m always learning that I don’t know what I don’t know.
When it comes to the exponentially expanding conversation about
Corporate Social Responsibility, it is almost impossible to keep up. In
order to avoid spending every waking hour combing through countless
articles, blogs and press releases, I decided to get help.

And not just any help.

The miracle of social media has allowed access to the best of the best.
With it, I’ve enlisted the aid of experts in the field of Corporate
Social Responsibility. In turn, I’ve been able to make contributions
from my own area of expertise, Corporate Volunteering.

I figure you might want in on the game. Here’s a list of the sites I find the most beneficial:


JustMeans is one of the best sites I’ve seen for direct interaction with companies on the topic of CSR. You’ll find Campbell’s Soup, Hewlett Packard, Seventh Generation, Timberland and many more.
The site has a decent global perspective with 40% US & Canada, 35%
UK, and 25% other. JustMeans boasts over 500,000 unique visitors in
2008 and 1.9 million page views per month, ensuring diversity of
perspective and experience. With so many companies and experts
participating regularly, JustMeans is also able to provide significant helpful information in the editorial section.

In my opinion, the best feature is the staff. Highly interactive and proactive in facilitating connections, the JustMeans staff are key to optimizing the site. Co-founders, Kevin Long and Martin Smith, give it that vibrant and effective edge that really makes it stand out.


is one of the first sites I joined when looking for conversations about
CSR. It’s a Ning site, which allows you to create a fairly robust
personal profile to share. DevelopmentCrossing
has an international flavor, and provides solid information regarding
events and career opportunities. I’ve made a number of fruitful
connections here, and have found the discussions and blogs not only
useful – but interesting!


If you’re looking for a site to discuss ideas and strategies for utilizing CSR to combat poverty, then you need to join
Just over a year old, this site has grown quickly, and offers both good
information and a proactive membership. One of the more interesting
tools is the clickable map with case studies for utilizing business models to fight poverty. You’ll also want to subscribe to the provocative Event Series podcasts.

TakingItGlobal (

This site has a youthful feel, but all ages are welcome to join in the conversation. TakingItGlobal
is in fact, very global, with almost 250,000 members, in 269 countries
and 1169 schools. You can even interact with the site based on a
regional orientation; Europe, Asia, Africa etc.


The site is
chock full of features. You can create your own page, access resources,
sign petitions, download action guides, join others in making lifestyle
resolutions, utilize educator resources, or access how-to guides for
policy makers and community organizers – whew! If you’re a student, or
are interested in sustainability, activism and global issues affecting
the environment, politics and society at large, then this site is for

CSRInternational (

This is the official site for CSR International, founded by Wayne Visser.
Wayne just launched the site a few months ago, but he brings years of
experience and dialogue with him. You’ll be able to find good
information, helpful links and a list of formative bloggers on the
topic of CSR.

If you’re interested in the actions to accompany the issues, these sites may be for you:

will help you find and share opportunities to change the world by
collecting information from other sites, and then letting members
promote the ideas they like best.

offers something similar to Socialactions, but with a distinctly
Australian perspective. You’ll want to check out the Resources section
to get some very practical help in figuring out how to make good
purchasing decisions, and to understand ‘green marketing’.
is a site born out of President Obama’s call to service. This is a very
new Ning site, which again offers members the ability to create
profiles and connect with other people committed to impacting their
communities for positive change. For Canadians, this is a site that just keeps getting better. A project of the TVO television series ‘Get Involved’,
this site aims at mobilizing Canadians by creating a ‘lively socially
conscious networking community for individuals, not-for-profits,
charities and community organizations’. Stay tuned for further
developments on this increasingly user-friendly site.


Finally, one of the largest sites around for activism has got to be
The site provides excellent resources and helpful links. It boasts over
200,000 members from all over the globe. It is, however, difficult to
use, and offers little opportunity to create a personal identity. In
fact, it may prove to be more a resource than a site for reciprocal

Chris Jarvis
Senior Consultant, Realized Worth


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