HydraLux-4: The World’s First Liquid-Cooled LED Bulb

hydralux LED bulb

Fancy some liquid in your LED bulbs? Eternaled has you covered. The company’s Hydralux-4 bulb, unveiled yesterday, is the first liquid-cooled LED. It’s an innovation that supposedly makes the bulb more efficient than other LEDs, but it doesn’t make the four watt Hydralux any cheaper–$34.99 for a single bulb is enough to turn off many a potential buyer.

The bulb’s price tag is a little less daunting when energy-efficiency is taken into account. Since the Hydralux lasts 35,000 hours, it actually only costs $1.75 a year to run if it’s left on for eight hours a day. And combined with electricity savings and bulb replacement costs, the Hydralux could potentially save $157 over its lifetime. As with other LEDs, the Hydralux is mercury-free.

Perhaps the bulb’s greatest advantage over most other LEDs is that it can be used outside. While other LEDs have their parts exposed to the air, the Hydralux is enclosed, so it’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use. Still, the Hydralux probably won’t be an instant hit–despite having inferior lighting quality, CFLs have a much cheaper upfront cost. The Hydralux will be available in 8W, 12W and 16W versions by the end of the year.

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