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I tried it. I did. It sort of works but...not what I want. I'm speaking of Bing, Microsoft's "new" search engine. Oh, it's pretty. In fact I love the homepage with a new image everyday highlighting information about the image. It's a fun landing piece. But they still don't get it.

Google dominates search engine marketshare. Last I read it was above 70% marketshare. 70%! They get it. Google knows why people use their search engine...R-E-L-E-V-A-N-C-E. Oh, come on you know that's why you use Google. It's not because there is an image on homepage or some fandangled tool somewhere on the site. It's because when you perform a search the results will more than likely be what you are looking for. Bing couldn't do that so they added these links to the left making more relevant for users to find what they are trying to find. And we've become a egocentric society obsessed with popularity online and off seeing what people are saying about us online and I'm not sure if we want to "Bing" ourselves to see that. I Googled that, yes. I Binged that...not so much.