iTunes Update Blocks Palm Pre Syncing

It was only a matter of time before Apple retaliated against Palm’s USB chicanery. When it was launched, the Pre boasted full compatibility and syncing with iTunes; the device effectively spoofed the popular Apple software into thinking it was some flavor of iPod, letting Pre users have the iPhone-PC experience without the iPhone. Sure enough, Apple released iTunes 8.2.1 today, part of which is dedicated to addressing “an issue with verification of Apple devices.” In other words, it blocks iTunes from seeing the Pre. (Photo courtesy of TUAW.)

iTunes 8.2.1

Of course, this kind of passive-aggressive software duke-out can go both ways, and Palm might respond by re-engineering their USB spoof to work with the iTunes 8.2.1 update. But it’s only a matter of time before the Pre maker runs out of options. Without a software suite for the desktop, what’ll Pre users do?

There’s always MarkSpace’s excellent Missing Sync software, which exists now for Mac+Pre and is coming soon for Widows Vista. As they’ve been doing for years, MarkSpace lets you sync your non-Apple-supported device with all your playlists, contacts, calendars and more, for the reasonable price of $40. If Palm was smart, they’d make Missing Sync their official desktop software, and stop trying to ride Apple’s coattails.

[Via TUAW]

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