Work/Life: Travel Goes Bing

When Farecast became part of Microsoft’s Bing Travel, it instantly became one of my go-to Web resources for business travel. For one thing, its search function is much more logical than that of an online travel agency. For another, it fills the travel search niche much more capably than Google by providing me with information that actually helps in my travel decision-making process.

As Carol Pucci at Seattle Times points out, the airfare search window that Bing brings is similar to what’s displayed at Kayak, one of the best-designed sites for fare comparison information.

I especially like the way Microsoft has integrated Farecast into Bing. Now Bing will deliver historical analytical data on certain routes in a way that is more effective than just about any other travel tool out there. By drawing on content previously found on the MSN travel site as well as, Bing gives you so much data about your contemplated travel options that you can decide without much further ado which trips to buy. Indeed, Bing’s Farecast can be a powerful booking tool.

In fact, Farecast-enabled Bing is going to give Google a run for its money and its capabilities don’t bode well for the future of Yahoo Search. As PCMag’s Michael Muchmore noted, “With its acquisition of Farecast, Bing has at its disposal a rich resource” that can tell you when’s the best time to go, how much it will cost, whether the fare will go up or down, and when you should buy your ticket.

For my money, Bing is king.

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