Facebook’s Popup Video Ads Test Newfound Stickiness


In June, U.S. Web users
spent roughly 4.5 hours writing on Facebook walls, flipping through Facebook
photos, and stalking total Facebook strangers, according to
new data from Nielsen. That’s more time than they logged on
any other site, including Yahoo! (approx. 3.25 hours), Google (approx. 2.5
hours), and eBay (78 minutes). 

Now, Mark Zuckerberg and
Co. are experimenting with an ad-viewer that will surely test this newfound
loyalty. In the past, Facebook’s video ads have been fixed on the upper-right
side of the homepage; when you click them, they play in-line. With the new
viewer, however, they’ll pop up center-screen, blocking the rest of the page’s

It’s a bold move for
Facebook, which has famously kept its homepage – and its 200 million profiles –
light on advertising. In fact, part of what I love about the site is that it
has stayed away from intrusive models like this, which I try to avoid at all

But I can’t fault Facebook
for trying.
Earlier this week, the site
was valued at $6.5 billion – nearly $1.5 billion higher than other recent
secondary market evaluations. If this new ad-viewer takes off, allowing
Facebook to snag a bigger share of online advertisers’ budgets, it’ll help further
than momentum.