• 07.10.09

Fingerbeat: Turn your iPhone/iTouch Into a Beat Machine

Fingerbeat, a new iPhone/iTouch app, puts the power of a recording studio in the palm of your hand.

Fingerbeat, a new iPhone/iTouch app, puts the power of a recording studio in the palm of your hand.

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Main Features & Technical Specifications:

Step Sequencer: Making beats is easy as drawing and tapping boxes to generate unique sequences. Each color is associated to each channel type of pad.

Pitch Keyboard + Editor: While recording, the notes you play will immediately appear in the editor. Its easy to make changes and draw free-form to create / delete notes using your finger.

Multi-Touch Mixer: FingerBeat is built for user experience & live performance. Create your very own mix.

Pocket Sampler + Kit Edit: Record any external sound using the built-in *microphone. Load any existing sounds in the library.

Perform & Sing: Once you have programmed some patterns, connect to headphones and hear yourself sing over your musical creation. Conveniently change patterns with your thumb for live performance.

  • Low latency pads
  • x8 Pads/Channels with Volume, Balance Mixer + Mute functions
  • x6 Pattern blocks per Kit
  • x6 Themed Skins + User Photo option using iPhone camera or gallery
  • x16 Kits “x8 User”
  • Built in sounds + kit templates
  • 16bit 44Khz Sampler using internal microphone
  • Demo Patterns
  • Ability to use microphone* with external speaker source


Though Fingerbeat isn’t the only beatmaker available for the iPhone–there’s also the free Melody Box Lite, iDrum, and Looptastic to name a few–it’s probably the most comprehensive for making your own original beats with vocals.

Fingerbeat is available from the iTunes store for $3.99.

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