Apple’s Secret Branding Formula

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As many of you know, I am an avid fan of great branding.
Sometimes I find an article that succinctly isolates a point that I know clients and friends would find useful. Below is such an article and I’ve underscored the part I find very useful.
Here it is excerpted from the Brisbaine Times out of Australia:
“But the thing that’s got Apple to where it is now is its tenacious design system. The company finds a market that’s been going for a while, figures out what people hate about it, and then engineers a solution that is beautiful, fixes all the major flaws, and has a far better user interface.


“The perfect example of this was the original iPod.

“It wasn’t the first MP3 player, with the likes of the Rio PMP300 and the Personal Jukebox preceding it. And the iPod had its problems: the first two generations didn’t work on PCs, and then only barely.

“It forced users to use iTunes software instead of their own applications, and for years required the use of a FireWire port, which many computers didn’t have.


“Yet, they managed to create a device that was simple for the uninitiated to use, had a straightforward interface compared to the overly complex, button-heavy competition, and more than anything else, it looked absolutely sexy. And it blew everyone’s mind.” *

I know this little bit of insight can help us all achieve what we hope in our markets. Happy hunting!
* Written by Tim Barribeau, a University of Otago graduate, writes for the MIT Technology Review in Boston.:



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