Palm Pre Hacked to Run on Verizon

Can’t wait until winter, when the Palm Pre will ship for Verizon customers? Have some time to kill? Well, you too may be able to hack your Pre into working on Verizon’s CDMA network, should you possess the immense patience and technical skill of a PreCentral user named “Cleanser.” Mr. Cleanser has determined how to unlock the phone’s radio and has successfully gotten voice and SMS messaging to work on his Verizon-enabled Pre, but hasn’t yet gotten data services working (though he assures readers he’s working on eschewing the provisioning check that the phone uses to initiate the data connection.)

palm pre

According to PreCentral, Cleanser says the hardest part of the hack wasn’t the actual software pnwing–it was getting a Verizon customer service rep to add a device to his account that had such an unusual identifier number (meaning, they could tell it wasn’t a normal Verizon-network phone, and got suspicious.) Check back with for updates on the hack, and any forthcoming tutorials for the brave of spirit.

[Via PreCentral]CD