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Google Creative Commons Search, a Blogger's Dream?

One area Google actually trailed Yahoo! in was advanced image search. That was, until today. Google announced via their blog this morning that they were adding filters to image search. This being good news for bloggers and other outlets often looking for blog-post-art.

Google Creative Commons Search, a Blogger's Dream?

The whole idea behind the search functionality is that some photog's are trying to get their work out to a larger audience and there are a lot of people who would use it if they knew it was available. Yahoo! had it's advanced image search up-and-running with creative commons' filters in May and I've used it a few times to grab usable Flickr Photos. Google will also search through Flickr and across a seemingly larger index.

But how valuable is a canned photo to bloggers and online outlets today? Yes, it can make for some funny posts due to random art, but I think most bloggers would rather embed a random YouTube video or pull a screen shot. The future of online publishing and blogging will be weighed more towards visuals than text after all.

However, I guess for now, I can take random.

Photo courtesty of User: Euku