Summer Movies We’re Afraid to See: Dude, Where’s My Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote?

Dude, Where's My Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote


Dude, Where’s My Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote?
Director: Judd Apatow
Seriously, where is it?

Quote: “Hey, [expletive]! Halo [long expletive]!”

Plot Synopsis


Add your synopsis to the comment thread below to be featured in next week’s edition of Summer Movies We’re Afraid to See.

Last week’s winning entry is by William (Billy) Barrell:

When Mackie’s travel dept. erroneously booked him to set up a booth at the high county PC tech convention, the stage was set for an emotional experience he never anticipated. Always the first to load, Mackie was set up and back at his hotel room before any other conventioners arrived. When he returned the following morning, he entered a world surreal, yet provocative. Finding hundreds of booths filled with Windows based vendors, he suddenly became attracted to downloads and connections which seemed forever incompatible. Only after he met the guy in the booth next to his, P.C. Browser, did he begin to feel a sense of connection. The interface which followed was something his code had never considered, leading his hardware to places his software didn’t know it could go.

Thanks, Billy–look out for an email about your collector’s edition copy of The Sims 3.

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