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Tim Burton, Eat Your Heart Out—and Watch This Castle Transform Before Your Eyes

Video of a mind-bending light projection by Apparati Effimeri, an Italian interaction-design firm.

Tim Burton, Eat Your Heart Out--and Watch This Castle Transform Before Your Eyes


Lightshows don't get much better than "Tetragram for Enlargement," an architectural installation created by Apparati Effimeri last month for Italy's Itinerario Festival, a weeklong arts extravaganza. The designers first mapped the facade of a castle, and then used that map to create light projections. From there, things get wild and wobbly, as the projection cycles through a series of tromp l'oeil effects that make the castle look, at times like its melting, blowing away in the wind, like a painted canvas, or another castle entirely:

We've seen video projections onto building facades before: Stateside, one of the leading firms in the tiny field of environmental installations is Atlas Obscura, whose work you can check out below, alongside some recent examples of projected lightshows.

[Fubiz via Kitsune Noir]

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