Qik Secures $5.5 Million in Series C Funding, Dreams of iPhone App Acceptance

Why is this strange? Well for one, six days after the iPhone 3G S launched, mobile video uploads to YouTube skyrocketed 400%. Why wasn’t Qik invited to the party? It has been endorsed by Nokia within its app store and is even shipping on the Nokia S60 devices. It has been made available for BlackBerry Bold and Curve devices. I even have an alpha build on my BlackBerry Storm.

However, despite several submissions to the iPhone App store, and even the backing of Kevin Rose, Qik hasn’t been approved by Apple.

The main reason? It seems that Apple and AT&T are worried about the bandwidth (just like they were with Skype, XM, etc.) that the service would take up. However, with investors and backers like Marc Benioff, Andreessen and Horowitz, and now Quest and Camp Ventures they won’t be able to shut Qik out for much longer.

Scoble kick-started livecasting with Nokia and Kyte (He’s even made the switch), but there is just too large of an opportunity to take live mobile videocasting mainstream (and perhaps even monetize) through iPhones. Investors are waiting to cash in.