Bamboo Taxis Arrive in Philippines Town


We’ve written about bamboo bikes before, but the Philippines rice farming town of Tabontabon has taken the bamboo transportation craze to new heights with bamboo taxis. The taxis, commissioned by Tabontabon mayor Rustico Balderian, are made out of 90% bamboo and run on coconut biodiesel.


Balderian designed the taxis as a replacement to the dominant–and dangerous–form of transportation in town, the motorcycle. Five or six people sometimes cram onto a single motorcycle, upping the chances for an accident. Balderian’s ECO taxis provide a cheap alternative for townspeople.

The ECO 1 taxi seats 20 people, runs on one gallon of biodiesel fuel for eight hours, and is covered in a Filipino woven mat. ECO 2 seats eight passengers, runs on a gallon of biofuel for eight hours, and has a stereo with a sound system. Both vehicles are locally made–bamboo is indigenous to the Philippines, and local youth help with car production. Next up: a third ECO taxi to wander the streets. Balderian hasn’t revealed if or how he plans to monetize his ECO taxis.

[TOTI Eco Via Inhabitat]

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