• 07.06.09

Could Firefox 3.5 Spark a Web Design Boom?

One feature of Firefox’s new version allows the browser to display any font. Here’s how good-looking the results can be.

Could Firefox 3.5 Spark a Web Design Boom?
Font Face

Mozilla recently released version 3.5 of its browser, Firefox, and it contained one tiny feature that could be a huge boon for web design: The ability to display any font, thanks to “@font-face,” which allows designers to store fonts on their own servers, and reference them on their web pages. Designers Ian Lynam and Craig Mod have just posted a primer on the new feature,
which shows just how much is possible. (A screencap of the primer is pictured above.)


If you
have Firefox 3.0 but not 3.5, update now to see how dramatic
the page looks, before and after. Previously, web designers who couldn’t bear the thought of compromising on their type have relied on Flash or Javascript–which are, of course, clunky and annoying. @font-face is miles more elegant.

Safari has offered @font-face linking ever since version 3.1; Opera, meanwhile, has announced that the protocol will be supported in its next version. Internet Explorer, of course, is waaaaaay behind.

If you’re interested in a longer, more detailed discussion of @font-face, check out this post on Mozilla Hacks.

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