Nokia Says No to Android Smartphone

The world’s largest cellphone company won’t be making a Google Android-powered Smartphone. But Nokia’s recent partnership with Intel means a new OS is inevitable.


There’s been some fuss online about Nokia developing a Google Android-powered smartphone and showing it in September at the company’s World Conference. It’s exciting news, following Sony Ericsson’s similar leak. Too bad Nokia’s just squashed it.

No Android on Nokia

Reuters chased a spokesman down for a definitive answer, and it sounds pretty final: There is “Absolutely no truth to this whatsoever.” Furthermore, Nokia confirmed that it’s sticking to its own OS for now–“Everyone knows that Symbian is our preferred platform for advanced mobile devices.”

Depending on how you look at it, this is either great or terrible news for Nokia fans. The company’s the worlds largest vendor of cell phones, and there are hundreds of millions of people who are familiar with the tricks and tropes of the Symbian OS–that the company is continuing to use Symbian on its smartphones is great for this huge audience.

But it also means that Nokia’s not going to deliver for people who want an innovative and cutting edge smartphone experience. The real development in this field is happening at Apple, Palm and Google–even Windows is falling behind these three. The OVI smartphone App Store is like the poor relative to the iTunes Store and the App Marketplace.

There is reason for hope, however. Nokia announced that it was forming a partnership with Intel just a few weeks ago. Together they’re planning a whole new class of super-smartphones. And Symbian doesn’t natively support Intel’s x86 chip architecture–so either the OS will be going through some sort of make-over, or Nokia will be pushing two different streams of smartphone into the future.

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