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Top 5: Tech Companies Securing VC Funding in June

As entrepreneurs and industry leaders adapt to the digital world, innovation is central to success. To illustrate innovation and entrepreneurship in the tech sector, we’ve selected ten companies across five categories that have secured venture capital (VC) investment. These companies are pioneering innovation and leading the next evolution in e-commerce, marketing, online video, social media and mobile technology:

1. e-Commerce

Twitter mashups are everywhere. Social media juggernaut, Facebook hosts forums that combine online video streams and real-time discussion. Established and emerging entrepreneurs are constantly creating mashup platforms in an effort to engage new audiences. Integration and convergence are re-shaping the way we interact and engage in online shopping and social activities.

oneTXT, which received $2 million in series A venture capital investment from KPG Ventures, is integrating e-commerce with social networks, participation TV shows and online games. With social shopping sites like Snipi, entrepreneurs are trying to incorporate e-commerce in new ways–that go beyond traditional e-commerce sites like Amazon. Bridgevine, a shopping engine, just received $3.5 million in series C round of venture capital investment from Constellation Ventures and Safeguard Scientifics. Mashups are key as entrepreneurs pioneer the next era in e-commerce.

2. Marketing

Mobile and in-house marketing are two—of the many—strategies leading the next frontier of digital advertising. ClickFuel, which landed $2.5 million in its first round of institutional VC funding, provides business owners tools to run their own search marketing campaigns. Search optimization tools such as those provided by ClickFuel will help business owners seeking to boost their online presence and leverage in-house employees.

AdWhirl has capitalized on the popularity of smart phones to offer advertisers a high-impact delivery system for iPhone apps and other 2G and 3G mobile devices. AdWhirl has secured $1 million in early VC funding, led by Foundation Capital.

3. Video

Online video is growing by leaps and bounds. Video consumption is expected to account for more than half of all internet traffic by 2012. Expect online video to...

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