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Sony Ericsson's Beefy New Android Phone Leaked

A Danish site has scored spy photos of Sony Ericsson's gutsy foray into the Android phone market. Part of the Xperia line of smartphones, the new phone is codenamed "Rachel" and boasts a killer 1GHz processor made by Qualcomm. For purposes of comparison, the iPhone 3G S—which has been roundly reviewed as crazy fast — only runs a 600MHz processor.

The Rachel also promises an 8MP camera with autofocus, according to the site, and 3.5G speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. The display is also outsized; while exact dimensions haven't leaked from Sony as of today, it'll probably trump most of the smartphones on the block at a rumored four inches diagonal. There are no indications of any official release date, but Sony Ericsson is expected to introduce its first Android phone running version 2.0 (aka Donut) by the end of the year. It's unknown the extent to which SE will customize the Android interface, but they'll have a lot of work cut out for them if they intend to updstage HTC's beautiful modifications.

[Via Mobil]

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