Microsoft Chokes With Vomit Ad, Pulls Video From Web

It would seem one of Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 8 ads is a little more than some viewers can stomach, prompting the company to pull the ad from its Better Browser site and YouTube Channel. Microsoft’s explanation: “While much of the feedback to this particular piece of creative was positive, some of our customers found it offensive, so we have removed it.”

We wrote yesterday that the association violent illness and one’s product launch might be ill conceived. The ads, created by Indiana firm Bradley and Montgomery and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, feature Dean Cain spoofing 1950s era infomercials while touting the features of Microsoft’s new browser. But this one, employing a too-disgusting-to-mention porn site and projectile vomiting to make its point, made some people gag. Literally.

The video made the rounds on the Web yesterday; by mid afternoon, comments on the YouTube page were mounting, while journalists and bloggers linked the video all across the Internet. So while we’ll leave it to you call this ad what you will (comments we heard ranged from “insipid,” to “brilliant”) we’re not sure we can call it unsuccessful.

[via All Things D, The Register]

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