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MySpace: A Place for Friends No More

myspaceAfter laying off 30% of its U.S. work force and gutting its overseas operations, MySpace's leadership promised radical change, and it seems that change is finally here. In an effort to reverse declining viewership, boost advertising revenue, and recast its image as the social network of choice, MySpace has (cue the drumroll) changed its logo ever so slightly. The tagline "a place for friends" was removed from the site's logo late yesterday. Now, it's simply MySpace (the old logo is below).

Why did MySpace do this? It's not saying, of course. In fact, it hasn't even confirmed that the logo has changed. But as Michael Arrington pointed out on TechCrunch, at least there's still someone answering the phone at MySpace HQ.

myspaceThe site recently engaged in a major push to recruit new users. A massive pop-up not so subtly encourages users to log into their email accounts and spam their contact lists with invites to MySpace, and the "People You May Know" widget was added to every home page. TechCrunch also reported an unconfirmed rumor that some of the least-sightly ad units will be removed from the site today, though it's unclear if MySpace is trying to clean up its cluttered interface, or if there are simply no advertisers to fill the space. For the sake of its remaining staff, here's hoping the company can right the ship before another mass-defriending is necessary.

[via TechCrunch]

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