Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics: Nokia Is Tops, Nintendo Flops

Greenpeace’s 12th edition of the quarterly Guide to Greener Electronics shows Nokia keeping its top spot for its polyvinyl chloride-free phones and voluntary cell phone takeback program, while Nintendo remains in last place for its ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions and PVC-filled products.

The 17 top manufacturers of cell phones, personal computers, TV’s and game consoles were ranked according to policies on toxic chemicals, recycling, and climate change. Rankings reflect Greenpeace’s demands that companies should eliminate hazardous substances, take back and recycle old products, and reduce the climate impact of operations and products.

In the past few editions of the Guide, companies have taken the biggest hits for toxic substances. Lenovo, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard each lost a point because of products containing PVC and brominated flame retardants (BFR), and their lack of timelines in phasing out toxic components. Apple, on the other hand, moved down one spot to number 11, but did receive kudos for phasing out toxic PVC and BFR. Microsoft retained its number 15 spot, though it lost a point for its poor recycling policy. The only new addition to the list this time around was Fujitsu, which debuted second from last because it doesn’t have a single product free of toxic chemicals The full list of rankings is below.

Ranking Company Score
1 Nokia 7.45
2 Samsung 7.1
3 Sony Ericsson 6.5
4 LG Electronics 5.7
5 Toshiba 5.5
6 Motorola 5.5
7 Philips 5.3
8 Sharp 5.3
9 Acer 4.9
10 Panasonic 4.9
11 Apple 4.7
12 Sony 4.5
13 Dell 3.9
14 HP 3.5
15 Microsoft 2.5
16 Lenovo 2.50
17 Fujitsu 2.4
18 Nintendo 1

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Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics: Nokia Shines, Dell Lags Behind