7 Interesting Storytellers to Follow on Twitter

Think Twitter’s 140-character limitation deters storytellers from tweeting? Think again. Tip: follow these 140’s by grabbing their rss feed.


Keeping in the spirit of Twitter, I’ll post the following as “tweets.”

1. Terrance Gargiulo @makingstories
Author, speaker. Shares thought-provoking ideas on empowering ourselves through story. Tweets interesting and re-tweetable quotes.

2. Sean Buvala @storyteller
Funny, engaging and conversational. Sean’s tweets are packed with enough variety to keep you coming back for more.

3. Kathy Hansen  @kat_hansen
Prolific blogger/author. Focuses on telling stories for career development. Unearths amazing sites on story. Also tweets @astoriedcareer

4. Storytellin’ @storytellin 
Ongoing collection of Delicious bookmarks on storytelling and links are updated regularly. Features a wide variety of news.

5. Smithmag @smithmag  
The king of six-word stories. Period.

6. Shawn Callahan  @unorder
Interesting insights and thoughts on the role of storytelling in business.

7. Nick Morgan  @nfrodom1
Communications coach/author of “Trust Me.” Encourages leadership thru better communications, gestures, listening, speaking. Wonderful tips!

BONUS: Story Corps @storycorps
NPR’s partner in storytelling. Remarkable tagline: “Our mission is to honor and celebrate one another’s lives through listening.”

Want to discover more people?

Follow the #storytelling trend to discover story-related messages.

Over to you. Who do you follow in the story world? Any filmmakers? Authors? Journalists? Photojournalists?


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