• 06.29.09

Bloomberg Launches NYC Apps Contest

Want to know if there’s construction in the Midtown Tunnel, or to track the spending of federal stimulus dollars on projects in the Five Boroughs? Check your iPhone. At least that’s what Mayor Michael Bloomberg hopes you’ll do.

Subway advisory

The Big Apps contest will work through the recently announced “.nyc” domain, where all public city data will eventually be housed in a machine-readable format. Once the site is operational (sometime next year), developers will be able to connect to the portal to update their apps with the freshest available data streaming in from all city agencies.

iphone apps

The amount of data coming out of New York City agencies is fairly tremendous, so there’s a lot of creative room for developers to play with possibilities. Developers have already created apps that provide transit maps and service updates for NYC trains and buses. But what about interactive maps that keep drivers up to date on street/lane closures and repairs or quick statistical snapshots of taxation and property values in different neighborhoods around the city? Or perhaps real time traffic data that syncs with Google maps? Or, to use Bloomberg’s example, what about a mobile app that taps into the report cards the health department keeps on city restaurants? That could come in handy for the grand-prize winner, who has been promised a dinner on the town with Bloomberg himself.

[via NY-FI]

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