Snuffleupagus Lives!


Yesterday, the young architecture firm MOS completed their courtyard pavilion for for PS 1, a popular contemporary art museum and hang-out spot. When we first brought you news of the design six months ago–when it won out over several competing schemes–we pegged it for a postapocalyptic vision, suited to the financial crisis, writing:

MOS, the young firm that won, said that its entry was meant to “honor
and reflect” current realities. The competition’s chief judge mused to
The New York Times: “How do we get more out of less? How do we still create a fun party space when clearly the economic party is over?”

To judge by MOS’s entry: You create huts that would suit Mad Max, in a
primitive but modern palette of aluminum, concrete, and thatching.
Squint a little, and you can picture a distant future, where the
complex would provide decent shelter to a nomadic tribe that’s
preparing to raid enemy gasoline stockpiles.

We were wrong! Instead, the installation, which cost a relatively paltry $70,000, bears a striking resemblance to a certain lovable, long-lashed denizen of Sesame Street. Function-wise, those tall, peaked forms actually serve a purpose: Thanks to the holes at the top, they function like chimneys, venting hot air from ground level. And that’s always a pressing concern at PS 1, since the always-packed Warm Up dance parties get incredibly hot. (To cope with that, past architects have designed misting systems which manage never to work, while being continually filthy.) The first event kicks off next weekend and you can bet Michael Jackson will figure prominently in the mixes. We’ll be there.



Mad Max Comes to New York

[Via Core 77 and P.S.1]