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"I Forgot" Day

"I Forgot" Day

Forgot to preorder your friend's Harry Potter tickets? Missed yet another anniversary? Today's the pseudoholiday when we pledge not to let it happen again. (We tried to find out who started this, but it seems everyone has forgotten.) If you're proactive, you'll seek technological help. On iTunes, apps like LifeMinder (which alerts you to key dates) and G-Park (which pinpoints your parking space) sell for $1.99 and $.99, respectively, while Remember the Milk (a to-do list maker) is free. And with Post-its Digital Notes software ($19.99), you can turn your desktop into a virtual bulletin board. Alas, we're still awaiting the next-gen solution: reminders to create reminders. — Dan Macsai

post its digital notes

Thu, July 02
"I Forgot" Day

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