Behavior Modification Through Product Design: Oli

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Instead of forcing everyone to change the way they shower in order to conserve water, how about using the natural, habitual actions taken in the shower to do it instead? That’s the idea behind Oli, a line of concept products that help to conserve water with minimal effort on the behalf of its users. A pressure-sensitive shower mat allows water to flow only when the user is close to the shower head, switching off as they step back to shampoo or soap up. A monitor in the shower shows how many gallons have been used, as well as shower time and gently reminds about both using ambient lighting.

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Finally, a seat in the shower provides a place to sit (for ladies, a great place to shave!) while collecting greywater that can be pulled out using portable containers. Showering is the greatest waste of indoor water use, according to the designers–finalists for the INDEX: AIGA Aspen Design Challenge–who chose Baby Boomers as their target customers.

Designers: Raymond Bessemer, California State University, Long Beach; Sergio Coronado, Purdue University; Franklin Crosby, Metropolitan State College of Denver; Nallieli Santamaraia, New York University; Brad Smith, University of Cincinnati; Sean Whang, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena

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