Dale Vince Drives 100 mph in a Wind-Powered Car


Wind energy might not be the power source of choice for most forward-thinking car makers, but that hasn’t stopped Ecotricity founder Dale Vince from working on a wind-powered electric car. Last year, Vince described the car as “An out and out sports car. Capable of 0 to 60 faster than a V12 Ferrari, able to top 100 mph for sure–and do 150 miles on one ‘tank’. All with zero emissions. Cake and eat it.” Vince originally projected that the car would be available last summer, but the entrepreneur finally took the vehicle for an inaugural spin last Monday.

Vince writes in his Zerocarbonista blog that after a few initial problems, the car managed to clock 100 mph, somehow without spinning any wheels. It’s not like most ultra-quiet electric cars–Vince says the car is “part Stuka dive bomber and part supercharger, don’t know how well it will come out on film, but this car definitely is not quiet. And I really like the noise it makes.” Still no word on what the car will cost, but Vince speculates that it could be named The Nemesis. Check out the test drive below.


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