How Fast Can We Make the Web?

That’s the question being asked by Google’s new coding site for developers, The search giant, famous for its spartan, utilitarian Web interfaces and monster server farms, believes that making pages on the Web flow as “fast as magazine pages” is the key to making the Web into the next-gen tool we’re all hoping for. They have the power to make some of that reality, but their speed initiative looks to go beyond, in a kind of Web-wide yes-we-can campaign meant to bring small and big developers up to the same standards.

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Code/Speed comes on the heels of Google’s recently launched Page Speed tool, designed to help developers build faster Web apps. Google is also encouraging nerds worldwide to contribute to its Code Blog with suggestions for how the Web can be standardized for zippier performance. Standing suggestions include updating protocols like TCP/IP and HTTP and popularizing HTML5. Exciting stuff it’s not, unless you think about the possibility of a Web where video, audio, and streaming communications are one-click quick and data transfer speeds feel USB-fast. Obviously, these guys have; watch their video to see Google’s vision of a faster Internet.