Cannes, Day Two: Digital Finally Gets Some Respect

At a festival built on traditional advertising, interactive finally gets invited to the party.

So I woke up at noon. I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m either embarrassed or proud of myself. I never sleep that late.


My first night at the Cannes Lions festival most definitely lived up to my expectations. Attendance is clearly down at the actual Cannes festival from last year. But the usual suspects are still here at the Gutter Bar. One common theme among Cannes attendees was that they showed up simply to ensure that they were not left out.

Digital has clearly arrived at Cannes–and then some. Perhaps this is a sign of the current economic times. Every major interactive CEO was spotted at the launch party last night acting like they owned the place. Plus, the Cannes panels are chock full of interactive buzz.



Back to last night. We co-sponsored the opening party at Cannes last night and it was packed. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Other than a member of our crew misplacing a Gold Lions award on the beach–which fortunately only went missing for a few anxious minutes–no one got hurt.

The first part of our evil plan to conquer Cannes went off without a hitch. Now on to tonight–when the interactive awards will be announced. Sapient’s work for Coca-Cola–the Multi Media Coke Machine and Happiness Factory 3–are short-listed for awards in the Design Lions and Cyber Lions categories. Cross your fingers that we can pull this off.

As always, stay tuned…


What do you think? Is digital advertising finally getting respect?

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