• 06.24.09

Centaurs Unite! Prosthetics Let You to Walk Like a Horse

Video of one of the weirdest products we’ve seen in awhile.

Some people really, really want to be 7-foot centaurs, roaming the earth, shooting arrows, washing their hair in waterfalls, drinking mead with Ewoks–or whatever it is that centaurs do. They’re in luck! Kim Graham, a fantasy artist, has designed Digitigrade leg extensions, which are basically stilts that bend to simulate how a horse walks. They cost a cool $1,000–which makes me wonder: Is high-grade fantasy gear like this a burgeoning market? After all, the fantasy-fair crowd has to rely heavily on DIY stuff for their Comic Con and Rennfair needs. And few markets can claim such a rabid fan base. (There’s a pun in there somewhere about whinnying horses; I can’t figure it out though.) This stuff’s no more ridiculous than high-end dolls or expensive car rims–and those are multi-billion dollar industries. 


The video of the legs in action is amazing: 

[AMOG via Gizmag]

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