T-Mobile’s iPhone Rival myTouch 3G Hits U.S.

T-Mobile’s second Android-powered phone is coming to the U.S., in the guise of the T-mobile myTouch 3G. It’s the follow-up phone to the original Googlephone G1, and it’s just sold its millionth unit in world-wide sales.

myTouch 3G

The myTouch 3G is basically the HTC Magic, with a T-mobile branding. It’s a monolithic touchscreen, so lacks the G1’s sliding keyboard, and its styling has been bumped to give it a more noughties look, versus the distinctly nineties visuals of its predecessor. With its touchscreen-only keyboard, it’s also more of a direct competitor for the iPhone, especially since it’s got faster internals than before.

T-Mobile is indirectly making this comparison in the device’s PR–it notes that there’s “no cookie-cutter approach” to the myTouch’s interface, and instead there are “boundless opportunities for personalization” and you can “richly customize menus, wallpapers, icons, and more.” That’s a direct snipe at Apple’s strict control over the look and feel of the iPhone, which is indeed pretty limited in terms of user customization–though it’s designed as such to give a seamless UI experience.

Meanwhile T-Mobile announced it sold 1 million original Android units in the U.S. in April, and HTC’s CEO Peter Chou said the company expects that 1 million Magics will be sold by August. Clearly the phone is a success, though not quite as fast selling as the iPhone. That could be because it’s priced directly in competition with Apple’s product, at $200 for a phone on contract.


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